Internship Experience at Competition Commission of India(CCI), New Delhi – Rs.10,000 Stipend

Name of Organisation : Competition Commission of India(CCI), New Delhi

Name: Ashish Sarkar

College/Institution: NEF Law College, Guwahati

Year of study: 4th Year

Duration of Internship: 1 Month, 2nd November 2015 to 30th November 2015.

Timing: 9.30AM to 6.00PM

Mode of Application:

Interested students may download the application form prescribed by the CCI from this link , fill the form and send it to the mentioned address by registered post and in addition you may also mail the scanned copy of your application to You can follow up your internship application by calling Ashok Raj Gupta Sir (Assistant Director, Advocacy) at 011-23473400.

Tips: Apply in 3 months advance and follow up your internship application after 50-60 days of application.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure:
P.K Singh Sir was the first person with whom we interacted, he was expert of the law and asked us certain questions and explained about cartel and combination. Everyone in the commission is expert in their field.
Then Ashok Raj Gupta sir (Asst. Director, Advocacy Dept.) called us and assigned our mentor and we were asked to confirm the research topic (Note: You may change or continue with the research topic submitted by you in internship application).

My mentor was Dr. Kumkum Budgujjar Ma’am (Joint Director, Law Division). Again she is expert, also very good and friendly mentor. I have discussed my topic with her and she helped me immensely.

Interns at CCI are given a separated intern desk(Central Air Conditioning), a telephone extension (you can make call to anyone within the commission) and WiFi connection (2-4Mbps, but you can’t access Facebook, Youtube, Entertainment sites etc.).

Main Task:
There is no work you have to do. First 4 days will be your orientation rotation, in which you will be interacted with all the department/division, they will discuss with you about the functions and working procedures.
Then you have to write a stance note (Case Law analysis). Ashok Sir will give you a rejected case(the cases, which does not violate or attract any provision of the Competition Act), and you have to write stance note in pair of two interns. One will write for Commission and another have to write for informant.
Then you have to work on your research topic and finally on the last day you have to submit your research paper and present a PPT presentation on your research topic and findings (Honorable Chair person, members and other officers may be present there, they might ask you questions based on your topic, be prepared to answer them).

There is a marking system and according to which the grades are awarded to interns.

Out of total 30 marks, 10 marks for Stance Note, 10 marks for presentation and rest 10 marks at discretion of mentor.

Work Environment:
Everyone at the Commission is awesome. They are very friendly, helpful and intelligent.

Best Things:
The best thing of my internship at CCI was again the awesome peoples and my mentor. They always helped me throughout my internship.
Bad Thing:
Due to confidentially they won’t give you ongoing cases.
But still nothing is bad there but you will feel bored if you are not doing anything on your research paper.
Stipend: Rs. 10,000/-
On the last day itself CCI will award you your certificate and a cheque of 10,000 Rupees.

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