Cognizable Offence

Cognizable offences are those offences for which a police officer may arrest without court mandated warrant in accordance with the first schedule of the code.


  1. Cognizable offences are those where a police officer can arrest without warrant.
  2. And such cases, after arrest has been made, the accused will be produced before a magistrate, and he may require the police officer to investigate the matter.
  3. After investigation, if the case is made out, i.e. charge sheet filed goes against accused, the magistrate can order for arrest.
  4. During the pendency of trial, bail application can be moved before the concerned magistrate.
  5. Cognizable offences are both bailable, and non-bailable.

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  1. Offences of waging or attempting to wage war, or abetting the waging of war against the government of India.
  2. Wearing the dress or carrying any token used by a soldier, sailor or airman with intent that it may be believed that he is such a soldier, sailor or airman.
  3. Public servant obtaining any valuable thinks, without consideration, from a person concerned in any proceeding or business transacted by such public servant.
  4. Rioting armed with deadly weapon.
  5. Being or expecting to be a public servant, and taking, and taking a gratification other than legal remuneration in respect of an official act.
  6. Hiring, engaging or employing person to take part in an unlawful assembly or taking part in self.
  7. Counterfeiting, or performing any pat of the process of counterfeiting Indian coin.
  8. Negligently doing any act known to be likely to spread infection of any disease dangerous to life.
  9. Having possession of a counterfeit government stamp.
  10. Making or selling false weights or measures for fraudulent use.
  11. Causing a disturbance to an assembly engaged in religious worships.