Composition of Competition Commission of India

Competition Commission of India is a body of the Government of India responsible for enforcing The Competition Act, 2002 throughout India and to prevent activities that have an adverse effect on competition in India. It was established on 14 October 2003. Under Section 8 of the Competition Act, the Commission shall

Internship Experience at Competition Commission of India(CCI), New Delhi – Rs.10,000 Stipend

Name of Organisation : Competition Commission of India(CCI), New Delhi Name: Ashish Sarkar College/Institution: NEF Law College, Guwahati Year of study: 4th Year Duration of Internship: 1 Month, 2nd November 2015 to 30th November 2015. Timing: 9.30AM to 6.00PM Mode of Application: Interested students may download the application form prescribed by the CCI from this link ,

What is Competition & why we need competition law?

Meaning of Competition? Competition is a situation in market, in which sellers independently strive for buyer’s patronage to achieve business objectives. Competition and liberalization, together unleash the entrepreneurial forces in the economy. Competition offers wide array of choices to consumers at reasonable prices, stimulates innovation and productivity, and leads to optimum

Article 19 of the Constitution of India


Article 19 Article 19 provides 6 rights like 19(1)(a) to 19(1)(g), earlier there were 7 rights under article 19, but 44th Constitutional amendment omitted Article 19(1)(f) in 1978. They are available to individuals and share holders in a company but only citizens of India. Article 19(1)(a) provides right to freedom of speech and

Article 22 of the Constitution of India


Article 22 Article 22 makes the minimum procedural requirements which must be included in any law enacted by legislature in accordance of which a person is deprived of his personal liberty. Article 22(1) and (2) are also called Rights of an arrested person. Rights of an Arrested Person (Article 22(1) and

Article 21 of the Constitution of India


Article 21 “No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to a procedure established by law.” This right has been held to be the heart of the Constitution, the most organic and progressive provision in our living constitution, the foundation of our laws. Article 21 can only be claimed

12 Schedules of the Constitution of India


First schedule contains the list of states and union territories and their territories ........................................................... Second schedule contains provisions of the President, Governors of States, Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the House of the People and the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Council of States and the Speaker and the