Anti-dowry law likely to be amended soon

An amendment bill making offences under the Indian Penal Code’s Section 498A compoundable with court permission will be introduced in the next Parliament session. The section deals with offences of dowry demand and cruelty by husband and in-laws. TOI had reported on March 22 that the NDA government is working on the proposal to make … Read moreAnti-dowry law likely to be amended soon

FSSAI Offences and Penalty

FSSAI Offences and Penalty  The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 was established to consolidate the laws relating to food and to establish the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for laying down science-based standards for articles of food and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import, to ensure availability of … Read moreFSSAI Offences and Penalty

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association is a document that contains the purpose of the company as well as the duties and responsibilities of its members defined and recorded clearly. It is an important document which needs to be filed with the Registrar of Companies. So let me first tell you what is Articles of Association (AOA)? … Read moreArticles of Association

Memorandum of Association

The memorandum of association of company, often simply called the memorandum, is the document that governs the relationship between the company and the outside. It is one of the documents required to incorporate a company in India. So let me first tell you what is Memorandum of Association (MOA)? Memorandum of Association is one of … Read moreMemorandum of Association

Public Limited Company

A public limited company is a voluntary association of members which is incorporated and, therefore has a separate legal existence and the liability of whose members is limited. Its main features are :- (a). The company has a separate legal existence apart from its members who compose it. (b). Its formation, working and its winding … Read morePublic Limited Company

Private Limited Company

A private limited company is a voluntary association of not less than two and not more than fifty members, whose liability is limited, the transfer of whose shares is limited to its members and who is not allowed to invite the general public to subscribe to its shares or debentures. Its main features are :- … Read morePrivate Limited Company

Court allows Muslim girl to live with Hindu husband

Coming to the aid of a young Muslim woman who alleged threats from her family after she married a Hindu, the Delhi high court has allowed them to live together. Justice Sanjeev Khanna and Justice Ashutosh Kumar told the woman’s parents not to interfere in her personal life, saying she was over 18-years old and … Read moreCourt allows Muslim girl to live with Hindu husband

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

Sec 1 of the Hindu Marriage Act – Short title and extent:- ACT NO. 25 OF 1955 1* [18th May, 1955.] An Act to amend and codify the law relating to marriage among Hindus. BE it enacted by Parliament in the Sixth Year of the Republic of India as follows:- (1) This Act may be … Read moreThe Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

Divorce Under Muslim Law

Divorce in Islam is known as “Talaq”, which means “I divorce you”, if wife asks “Talaq” to her husband then the term could be interpreted as “Please Divorce Me” Divorce Under Muslim Law: Shack up together between Husband and wife Is a necessary condition for a happy family life. Islam therefore, insists upon the subsistence … Read moreDivorce Under Muslim Law

The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881   Chapter I – PRELIMINARY 1. Short title: – (26 of 1881) (9th December, 1881) An Act to define and Law relating to Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange and cheques. WHEREAS it is expedient to define and amend the law relating to promissory notes, bills of exchange and cheques.It is hereby … Read moreThe Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881